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Agile Coaching

Helping your internal Agile Project Leaders, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Agile teams fine-tune the way they’re working with Agile methodologies.

Agile Coaches listen to the issues, ask questions to find out how the teams are working, who their stakeholders are, what they do everyday and how they do it,  what they’re good at and what makes them happy in their work.

Our Agile coaches begin every coaching assignment by asking lots of questions, listening to answers and never offering “silver bullet” solutions for problems.

The first meeting is always about listening to really understand the issues the organization is facing. Then we meet soon after to recommend ways to speed up the team’s or organizations’s ability to deliver the right product, process or service and increase joy of work.

It’s the people in the organization who can increase the ability to deliver results faster. And people – and their relationships with other people – are complex. We have the knowledge, experience and understanding to help people build stronger relationships, work smarter, and increase their pride of work to create greater organizational value.

Agile Principles

  • Understand together
  • Plan together
  • Demonstrate results frequently + feedback
  • Reflect together to learn & improve
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