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Agile Communications Coaching

Aligning communications with strategic goals, creating understanding for your stakeholders and building trust throughout the process will allow you to reach your objectives quicker and more effectively in a changingenvironment.

goAgile Communications Coaching Process

#1 – Align your team and process with your goals

Coaching that begins with understanding what your goals are and working with you and your team to make sure that both your team and process align with your business or strategic objectives.

We then: kick off process with a solutions-focused team workshop – creating real value as the team digs into how they want to work toward the goals, resulting in greater positivity and ownership. Next, we create an Agile plan that makes actions and responsibility visible.

#2 – Create messages that are meaningful for your customers & stakeholders

Once leaders and the team have developed their strategy and understands their objectives, it is critical to be able to communicate the benefits of the project along with the progress being made. Coaching focuses on helping the team communicate their messages effectively – answering “why should anyone care?” and improving the form and delivery of the messages.

#3 – Build trust inside and outside your team

Creating connections that build trust in the organization requires understanding of the process, a motivation to continue to “do what is promised,” and to take the time to build relationships that create value in the organization.

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