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Agile Transformation

Expanding Agile principles into other areas of an organization helps leaders create even greater business value in changing environments.They end up leading change rather than just managing it

Our Agile Transformation Coaches have developed the Agile Transformation Model that offers a structured approach to enable change.

Agile Transformations are not only about implementing Agile principles and practices. Principles and practices by themselves will not lead to a transformation. If organizations want to get the full potential of Agile and really become better at delivering the right product faster it’s critical to determine:

1. What you want to achieve with Agile (Results)

2. How you can inspire and give influence to the people that will be affected by the change (Motivation)

3. How you create meaning about the Agile transformation at all levels in the organization (Communication)

A real Agile transformation is about not just doing Agile, but being Agile. Taking the principles of Agile in and shifting to new behaviors that drive results.

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