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Agile Workshop Facilitation

Teams and organizations often have a need for outside facilitators to create and run workshops that bring results. goAgile has trained, experienced facilitators with backgrounds in team-building, leadership, communication and requirements-gathering to help make your meetings and workshops more successful. We are also Certified StrategicPlay® Facilitators with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™.

goAgile’s unique facilitation model is centered on the principle to involve and engage in order to create ownership and concrete results.

Each workshop we facilitate is tailored to the problem that needs to be solved, the participants, physical boundaries, etc. The following 8 principles are the foundation of every successful facilitated workshop or meeting:

1. Prepare the three “Ts”
-Talk with the workshop owner and participants.
-Think about the agenda and workshop techniques.
-Collect and arrange things for participants.

2. Let ideas bloom
Give place for all the ideas, doubts and perceptions to come forward.

3. Create ownership
Involve the participants physically, and engage them to create ownership.

4. Use physical things
Give participants something physical to work with.

5. Stand back
Step back and give participants a place to work and discuss with each other.

6. Shift between large and small group work
This involves and engages participants more, and gives more angles and ideas.

7. Use the walls
This gives the overview and is easier for participants to relate to the results and create ownership.

8. Create a result
Help participants collect and decide, then produce a physical result.

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