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Scaling Agile

goAgile takes a pragmatic perspective to scaling Agile in the organization. Implementing Agile ways of working at every level in a large organization is a proven way to ensure people are following the value and delivering products that satisfy customers.

In the Agile organization, all levels are following the value by understanding together, planning together, demonstrating results frequently & reflecting together to learn and improve. The leader’ role is to set vision, remove impediments and support the teams – increasing clarity and competence.

Scaling Agile begins by taking the overall strategic roadmap for the business and understanding what we want to achieve at the highest level. Then, those objectives are sliced into chunks that are taken down to the portfolio and program levels. From there, teams of teams do release planning – doing everything possible to reduce or remove dependencies across the organization. The next step, is at the individual team level where teams together with stakeholders understand and agree on the next items to be done.

It is this Scaled Planning approach that allows value to be followed through the entire organization while removing impediments that get in the way of delivering value to customers faster.


Leading SAFe®
Scaled Agile Framework® is a highly recognized method for scaling Agile ways of working. It contains tools and processes for the entire enterprise: teams, program, portfolio and executive levels. Learn more about our Leading SAFe® course.

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