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Agile Facilitation

Create ownership and results by involving and engaging people in your workshops.

Call us at +45 2712 3887 or write to louise@goagile.dk for more information about the following courses.

Facilitation for Leaders

More and more, successful and effective meetings of all kinds rely on involving and engaging teams and individuals – and getting them to take ownership in the process. The workshop teaches leaders how to create a common understanding of project goals and ownership of decisions made that affect the project and the organization. The results: stronger commitment to decisions, time and energy saved, more involved and engaged teams, and more new ideas generated.

Duration: 2 days

Copenhagen 2017: 1.+2. June & 23.+24. November

Course fee: 12.500 excl. VAT

Registration information: Send an email to louise@goagile.dk

See description here

Use Case Camps

Find out what’s missing in your plan to save development time and resources getting users the results they require. Participants learn user-centric modeling techniques to determine what users really need — quickly and in its entirety. The course helps teams structure requirements into planned-for and workable chunks.

Duration: 2 days

Registration information: Send an email to louise@goagile.dk or call +45 2712 3887.

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