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Agile Leadership Bootcamp

2½ days to become a stronger, more robust Agile leader and get the most out of Agile in your organization 1.-3. of March 2017

The Bootcamp includes:

  • The leader’s role, responsibilities and challenges in Agile organizations
  • Techniques to train your brain to become more resilient
  • Practical tools to take away and put into immediate action
  • Physical exercise each morning and evening
  • Understanding the effect of stress on thinking and what you can do as a leader to create environments where people succeed
  • Networking, discussion and debate with fellow attendees

Effective Agile leadership requires a strong sense of presence, self-­awareness, ability to focus and confidence. In this intensive 2 ½-­day Bootcamp, you will learn how to cope with the demands of working Agile – including the manager’s role in Agile, and how to train your brain and body to become an even more resilient leader.

Resilient Agile leaders get to a place where they are better able to handle the stresses that come with the job. In this Bootcamp, not only will you be getting more practical managerial knowledge about Agile and how to navigate around the leadership challenges, you will also become familiar with your own body­‐mind connection and gain the tools to train your brain to become more focused through a variety of methods and exercises.

Survey after survey shows successful leaders are those who are able to focus on the goals, create environments where people succeed, drive for results, thrive through change and handle the immense amount of stress that comes with it. Leaders in organizations using or transitioning to Agile ways of working are no exception. New ways of working require even more focus as leaders learn to lead in an Agile way.

Even the best managers and project leaders may struggle with how to operate in this often uncertain, new space: do I have a role in this Agile set up and if so, what is it? How do I remove impediments for my teams? What about my time constraints and pressures from non-­Agile areas of the organizations or supply chain? How can I lead Agile teams if I don’t know everything about Agile? How do I stay calm and focused in the face of uncertainty, and most likely, increased stress? Get the answers at this Agile Leadership Bootcamp.

Who should attend?

Managers and project leaders in organizations using or transitioning to Agile ways of working

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