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Agile Project Leadership

It takes more than Scrum to make Scrum work. And it takes more than Agile to make Agile work. Therefore, we cover areas such as facilitation, leadership, joy of work, positivity and leading change in our flagship course in Agile Project Leadership. Titled “Creating project leaders who create results,” this course provides more advanced learning about Agile leadership, facilitation and collaboration skills.

The course is a mix of lecture, practical hands-on exercises and cases from various Agile projects to illustrate the principles being explored. Agile Project Leaders understand the differences between traditional project management – where the team works for the project leader – and Agile Project Leadership where project leaders work for the team. The result is that the best possible environment is created to increase productivity and deliver the right product. Certification is possible.


Duration: 2.5 days

Technological Institute 2017: 29.-31. March, 20.-22. June, 6.-8. September & 12.-14. December

Registration information: Send an email louise@goagile.dk or call +45 2712 3887.

Open course

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