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Leaders in Agile

What managers need to know to make Agile work

goAgile’s 3-day course is specifically designed to meet the needs of managers and leaders working in Agile organizations or organizations transforming to Agile methodologies – providing hands-on learning, covering the full management perspective of Agile including benefits, roles, responsibilities, new ways of leading, motivation, change and mindset.

The management perspective

The key to successful Agile management is in doing everything you can as a leader to support following the value – optimizing and maximizing business benefits. Transforming to Agile principles and practices is not easy – it’s about changing mindsets and leading in a new way – carefully balanced between standing back and stepping in to guide the teams in your organization.
We have seen many Agile teams in different countries and cultures, and while many have been successful, we’ve also learned valuable lessons which we share in this course. Common problems are resistance to change, situations where teams are not nurtured, where management interferes too much or intervenes too late. The solutions are often surprisingly simple.

During this course, we will show you how a manager gets the most out of Agile – sharing the business case for Agile; roles and responsibilities, ceremonies and artifacts; how to deal with complexity; planning across the organization; scaling Agile; leadership tools to support Agile; dealing with the uncertainty of change; and mindset shifts.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to get the most out of Agile to maximize business value in your organization
  • Sharpen your skills as a leader to contribute to your organization’s success
  • Understand the basics of Agile frameworks, such as Scrum and SAFe®, to better support your teams
  • Gain new leadership tools to create an environment where people thrive
  • Involve and engage your people to motivate and achieve great results

Course content

  • Why Agile? What’s the business case?
  • Strategic benefits of using Agile principles and practices
  • More value, more frequently – how?
  • The Agile team – a delivery engine
  • Roles, responsibilities and the complex organization
  • Agile planning and scaling
  • Scrum and Agile terms to create greater understanding
  • Challenges to Agile ways of working
  • Different way of working requires a different way of leading
  • Creating high-performance teams
  • Supporting optimal (solution-focused, creative) thinking in your organization
  • Concrete tools to put into immediate use
  • Making it happen in practice

Participants and format

The course is targeted to managers and leaders who want and need to get a deeper understanding about the Agile management perspective.
The course is in a workshop format that varies between presenting theory and hands-on activities.
As applying theory is the best way to learn, participants will play a very active role in the course.

There is no prerequisite knowledge required, but it’s an advantage to have some experience managing and supporting projects.

Course duration: 3 days

Course fee: 19,500 DKK excl. VAT

Copenhagen 2017:  12+13+14 June & 26+27+28 September

Registration information: To register, send a mail to louise@goagile.dk or call +45 2712 3887.
All registrations must be received one month before the first day of the course.

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