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Mindful Leadership

Train your brain to become a more focused leader

1-day course

Course overview

Leaders today face tremendous pressure to drive high-performance results in environments of ever increasing change. Even with these pressures and difficult environments, there is a way to thrive while building resilience in yourself, your people and your organization.

Through Mindful Leadership, you can:

  • Increase quality, productivity, and improve overall employee satisfaction
  • Enhance rational thinking, memory, learning ability and creativity
  • Reduce the stress of working in complex environments and make better decisions
  • Træffe bedre beslutninger
  • Lower the cost of employee absence and turnover due to illness, injury and stress

The effectiveness of being more mindful is supported by neuroscientific evidence. Neuroscience points to mindfulness as a proven way to influence how the brain works in order toget greater clarity and perspective, positively deal with stressful situations, and find more creative solutions to challenges. Mindful Leadership is brain training – becoming strong and fit to handle challenges, and thrive in times of change.

This course gives an overview of how the brain works and what we can do as leaders to affect how we think and act. It will inspire you to become more present, focused, and effective. And in that way, become more resilient to change and be able to create greater value in your organization.

Out of this one day, you will:

  • Understand the science behind mindfulness and how you can better focus your thinking
  • Gain ideas based on neuroscience on how to motivate and help people around you
  • Learn how to become more resilient and adaptable to change
  • Learn how to regulate emotions and choose your responses

Participants and format:

The course is targeted to leaders with five or more years experience. It is in a workshop format that varies between presenting theory and hands on activities. As applying theory is the best way to earn, participants will play a very active role in the course.

After this one day course, we highly recommend participants take the scientific and evidence based MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) training, which has shown, with leaders around the world, to reate lasting change. This training runs over eight weeks. More information about this will be given at the end of the one-day course, or you can contact Merethe Morgen, +45 2532 4325, at your convenience

We’ll start building your BRAIN TRAINING TOOLBOX with:

  • Ways to reach strategic goals faster and with more motivated teams
  • How to build resilience in times of change
  • Ways to choose how to react and see the benefits in challenging situations
  • How to influence how your own brain work in order to increase focus
  • Ideas to build stronger positive neural connections in the brain
  • Mindfulness techniques that positively affect your behavior

Five or more years leadership experience.

Price: 4.500 DKK, excl. VAT

To register, send a mail to louise@goagile.dk or call 2712 3887.

All registrations must be received one month before the first day of the course.

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