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Lead for Greatness

Lead for Greatness Program

The focus of this 4-day leadership program is on how to achieve greatness in an organization. It’s about moving the perspective from performance compliance to excellence through great leadership. But what is great leadership? Leadership is building capacity for achievement in your people and practices, not in the personality of the leader. Leaders build the environment where people can flourish, think, make decisions, be valued, live happy, contribute to the organization’s success, and create better lives. Leadership is about making people better, as well as a better product – where the excellence of the organization resides in people and practices, not in one individual leader. The leader-follower approach to leadership is no longer the most effective model for human interaction. As work becomes more cognitive and less physical, organizations are redefining what leadership means in a way that creates a workplace where the passion, motivation, engagement, creativity and intellect of each member is maximized. This program presents Leader-Leader, a new leadership model, one where the leader serves to set the environment for others to excel and act to the maximum extent of their creativity and intellect. Leader-Leader champions the collaboration of equals. It moves organizations into a new evolutionary model that increases effectiveness and fosters additional leaders within the organization. The process is to give control to employees, not take control; but give control in a way that results in unity of effort while enabling distributed decision making.

Duration: 2 plus 2 days

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