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Continuous Deployment

Course Overview for Organization’s Teams

Continuous deployment is a set of processes for delivering software in a way that is well defined, efficient and fast. Agile software teams need the ability to deploy code in a fast and reliable manner with quick feedback cycles and turnaround time. It is all about getting the features out and deliver real business value faster, generally taking release times from weeks or months to minutes.

Having a build server and a good deployment pipeline is essential to that objective and this course is 1 full day of practice and hands-on experience on setting up such a server and the processes around continuous delivery.

The participants will get familiar with most parts of a state-of-the-art build server and do all the configuration to get it all working together. We will touch on continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery, ending up with a small scale, fully working system that will do both fully automated deployments to the test environment and gated deployments to production with a single click of a button. The system environments are simulated with robots, and the participant will have to wire everything together via the build server to get the robots running.

Participants will work in pairs and in short iterations where they will use their own computer to access the course portal and web interface of the build server.

All written course materials are in English.
Target audience: Developers, testers and anyone else who is part of your organization’s delivery process.

Target audience: Software developers
Duration: 1 day
Day 1 (09:00 – 16:30): The overview
Introduction to CI & CD and the benefits of fast and reliable delivery
Team – meet your robot
Setup a Continuous integration build configuration with unit tests
Setup a Continuous deployment configuration, controlling the robots in test mode.
Setup a Continuous delivery configuration (promoted builds), controlling the robots in production mode, with live scoring
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