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Agile Coaches Træning

Agile Coaches Training Program Overview, 6-month internal program

Creating effective internal Agile coaches in your organization

We know from experience that the only way to really create lasting change in an organization transforming to Agile ways of working is to have a team of internal Agile coaches that will continue to lead the change. These coaches focus on: coaching Agile teams to realize each individual’s potential, creating an environment to support Agile ways of working, and helping harvest the full benefits of working Agile long term – including reducing time to market, increasing predictability and transparency, and enhancing both people’s joy of and pride in their work.

This training program runs over six-months. The following is the typical curriculum, which is made up of a combination of advanced Agile practices; coaching skills and techniques; handling people/teams; leading change; and on-site mentoring.

Month 1:  5 training days; 9 one-on-one days

  • One week kick-off training, including advanced Agile leadership, stakeholder communication, measuring value, and Agile mindset training
  • Role of the coach – what does it mean to be an Agile coach?
  • Getting started with your internal team(s)
  • On-site mentoring 2-days per week (by a goAgile coach)

Month 2:  5 training days; 5 one-on-one days

  • 3-day advanced Product Owner training; 2-day facilitation training
  • Facilitating internal workshops (e.g., requirements, value, prioritization, roadmaps, etc.)
  • Tapping into how people learn – the coach as teacher
  • Addressing challenges with your internal teams
  • On-site mentoring 1-day per week (by a goAgile coach)

Month 3:  1 training day; 5 one-on-one days

  • 1-day Agile mindset training
  • Optimizing team performance – focus on coaching individuals
  • Addressing challenges with your internal teams
  • On-site mentoring 1-day per week (by a goAgile coach)

Month 4:  3 training days; 5 one-on-one days

  • 2-day conflict management training; 1-day Agile communications training
  • Moving from telling to listening – the coach as mentor
  • Addressing challenges with your internal teams
  • On-site mentoring 1-day per week (by a goAgile coach)

Month 5:  1 training day; 3 one-on-one days

  • 1-day training on Agile transformations in complex organizations (scaling Agile)
  • The Agile coach as organizational change agent
  • Addressing challenges with your internal teams
  • On-site mentoring 1/2-day per week (by a goAgile coach)

Month 6:  3 one-on-one days

  • Reflection workshop on training program
  • Creating the coach’s continuing Agile coaching plan
  • On-site mentoring 1/2-day per week (by a goAgile coach)

goAgile suggests an Agile Assessment made with participants in training program made 6 months after completion of the program. We can also help leaders identify potential internal Agile coaches for this training program.


Participants and format

The course is targeted to select people inside organizations who have knowledge and experience in Agile ways of working and want to take it to the next level – becoming internal Agile coaches who drive Agile transformation in their organizations.

The training days are a mix of theory and practical, hands-on exercises. The mentoring days are on site and typically are spent working on the specific needs of the organization, teams and coaches. 

The program will cover (amongst other things):

  • Ins and outs of working Agile
  • Benefit realization & value – guiding principles of Agile
  • Special role of the Agile coach: skills and techniques
  • Leadership, team performance, challenges with individuals, and motivation
  • Change leadership
  • Roles and responsibilities in Agile
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Mitigating risk, increasing predictability and transparency
  • How people learn and remember
  • Metrics
  • Creating the environment to help people succeed


At least one year of experience working with Agile methodologies (e.g., Scrum, XP, Lean, DSDM). The passion and desire to coach others to be their best, and the will to lead change.

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  • Meget inspirerende kursus – hovedet bobler med idéer jeg vil hjem og prøve af (og håber jeg får gjort). Kunne godt have brugt ½ dag mere. De sidste emner fredag gik stærkt

    Nina Hansen, Alm. Brand

  • Dette er en ny og utrolig spændende måde at være et high performance management team – og en meget effektiv måde at arbejde på, mange tak!

    Jan Sørensen, BKmedical

  • Hvis du har interesse i at lede mennesker, der tager initiativ og kontrol over deres arbejdsliv, så er dette KURSET.

    Hvis det er muligt, vil jeg anbefale at gøre det med en kollega, dette vil give jer mulighed for videre reflektion.

    Cecilie Hovde, Nordea

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