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goAgile provides a common-sense approach to new ways of working that puts people, results and value first.

How we work

We focus on your strategic ambitions using people-centered, pragmatic approaches to Agile and leadership

We work with you to understand where you are today and develop a dynamic plan together with you to help you reach your goals. We customize the ways of working and ways of leading to fit your needs. As you gain results, we inspect and adjust the implementation effort together with you to anchor the change with your people.

Intent-Based Leadership consultants

Intent-Based Leadership

Shift the organizational culture from permission and waiting to intent and action with Intent-Based Leadership

Intent-Based Leadership is a behavioral-based approach to creating leaders at every level in the organization. The key is to give control while enhancing the organizational clarity and technical competence of your people. In that way, we take advantage of the thinking power of each person every day.

goAgile is a founding Intent-Based Leadership partner and works closely with former nuclear submarine Captain L. David Marquet, leadership expert and award-winning author of Turn the Ship Around! and Leadership is Language.

How we can help you

We act as trusted advisors

We take deep pride in taking the lead to not only guide your people in pragmatic Agile ways of working, brain-friendly change and Intent-Based Leadership, but to also involve and engage people to remove obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals.

In our agile transformation, we have received a lot of good sparring and knowledge sharing from goAgile – both through ongoing dialog and through training in Agile Leadership. goAgile is always there for a good talk about challenges and steps in the Agile direction. I always get concrete advice, inspiration and energy from the talks with goAgile.

Rie Bau Lassen Senior Change Consultant, Alm Brand

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How leaders involve & engage people to get great things done

In their book TOGETHER, Jenni and Ole share our four Involve & Engage Principles™ for leaders: Understand Together, Plan Together, Validate Together and Reflect Together, as well as the neuroscience that backs it up. Learn what it takes to find solutions together, and how involving and engaging leads to happier, more motivated people who achieve great results.

Looking for a keynote speaker?

Get inspirational keynotes and interactive talks

We offer in-demand inspirational keynotes and interactive talks on enabling Agile, the benefits of working TOGETHER, the neuroscience of Agile leadership, empowerment, change, and Intent-Based Leadership®.

Upcoming courses

Our courses focus on high-impact learning involving and engaging people at every step on the learning journey.

  • Location: Copenhagen
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Availability: September 3 – September 5, 2024

Leaders in Agile

The key to successful Agile management is in doing everything you can as a leader to support following the value – optimizing and maximizing business benefits. Transforming to Agile principles and practices is not easy – it’s about changing min[…]

  • Location: Copenhagen
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Availability: October 28 – October 30, 2024

Product Owner 360˚

This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of Product Owners in Agile organizations or organizations transforming to Agile methodologies – providing hands-on learning, covering the full perspective of product ownership, to immediately p[…]

  • Location: Copenhagen
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Availability: November 25 – November 27, 2024

Agile Project Leadership

The course is a mix of lecture, practical hands-on exercises and cases from various Agile projects to illustrate the principles being explored. Agile Project Leaders understand the differences between traditional project management – where the team[…]

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