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goAgile was the first agile consulting firm in Denmark, founded by Ole Jepsen in 2006. Since then, we have focused on our clients’ strategic ambitions first, and then on how agile ways of working might help to accomplish those objectives. We act as trusted advisors helping organizations implement transformations. Our common sense, pragmatic approach resonates with our customers and helps them reach their goals.
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  • Lectures
    Jenni speaks at AgileTour Vienna 2019
  • Lectures
    Jenni speaks at Agile in the city in London 2019
  • Product Owner 360°
    December 4+5+6, Roskilde

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  • Leading SAFe® 4.6
    September 10+11, Vedbæk
    November 28+29, Vedbæk

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  • Agile Project Leadership
    September 24+25+26, Vedbæk
    December 11+12+13, Vedbæk

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  • Essential Intent-Based Leadership
    with L. David Marquet

    Re-examine how we think about leadership and be inspired to achieve greatness.

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I am really impressed with the preparation, structure and actual completion on the 3- day Product Owner course. A genuinely refined mix of theory and practical examples makes this a top-notch course to attend.

The content was spot on for our need. The way everything was presented was very professional and eye-catching. Jenni is nice, funny and competent!

God og struktureret gennemgang af Scaled Agile. Mange relevante hands-on øvelser, som giver et godt indblik. Det var dejligt at have mulighed for at reflektere over emnerne.

En god og interessant gennemgang af SAFe. Tavlen med benefits & small + big fungerer rigtig godt!

The best of the Leading SAFe course was: the pace! Openness. The teacher – one of the best ever! Content. All of the exercises.

I found the content interesting and the material was very doable. I liked all the exercises and being hands on. I am glad that I can use them all in my real worklife. I got insights on how much you actually can achieve in a very short time if you do it in a controlled and facilitated way. Fun and valuable knowledge.

I liked the interactivity to hold several, and participate in even more, workshops. Seeing different techniques and approaches was really helpful and inspiring. I also liked the challenge day 2.


It really pintpoints some key techniques and features to facilitate even if you are a complete newcomer to this. It was very good with a lot of practice moments and explanations of techniques and things to think about.

This was an excellent day. The best thing was its concrete tips and tools, they were easy to understand and easy to start taking into practice.

I really liked how you guys complimented each other – theoretical vs. practical. Of course, David’s great stories are very entertaining but they suited the course well and made it even more interesting.

– As always, it is a great experience to meet the man behind a brilliant concept. It was an enlightening and inspirational experience to meet David and Jenni and to hear their building thoughts on the base concept / notion (of Intent-based Leadership).

Another important point of our experience, was to see many of the (IBL) participants were younger generation – leading into the direction that this is the path of the future.

In our opinion, Intent-Based-Leadership is a very strong leadership methodology, but it only works if the leader him/herself truly commits, believes and operates accordingly. In our experience – creating a thinking environment and thereby tune and move the control where the knowledge is, brought great results and we are positive that there is more potential in it for us.