About goAgile

goAgile was the first agile consulting firm in Denmark, founded by Ole Jepsen in 2006.
Since then, we have focused on our clients’ strategic ambitions first, and then on how agile ways of working might help to accomplish those objectives.
We act as trusted advisors helping organizations implement transformations. Our common sense, pragmatic approach resonates with our customers and helps them reach their goals. 

Our Team

Ole Jepsen

Ole Jepsen works with organizations looking to lead change. Using his expertise in Agile methodologies, Intent-Based Leadership® and facilitation, Ole works with companies and leaders to create development organizations and workspaces where people thrive and deliver value.

He is a leader in the area of strategic, large-scale Agile planning, and has a strong focus on how to make various scaled Agile frameworks work, driving critical portfolio and program success.

In addition to numerous Agile certifications, Ole is a Certified StrategicPlay® with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ facilitator and Intent-Based Leadership® practitioner. He is co-author of TOGETHER: How leaders involve & engage people to get great things done. Ole is active in the international Agile community, speaking at conferences and consulting worldwide.

+45 50 52 62 12 ole@goagile.dk Linkedin @olejepsen

Jenni Jepsen

Jenni Jepsen focuses on helping people deliver value faster and create lasting change. In her role, she helps people in organizations get to the core of WHY change, and how to help people thrive throughout – enabling organizations to increase motivation, effectiveness and transparency, and most importantly, results.

Jenni is recognized for her work in change leadership and pragmatic Agile. She integrates neuroscience concepts into her coaching, training and sparring with leaders at every level. In addition to having her certificate in NeuroLeadership, Jenni is also a certified Intent-Based Leadership® Practitioner, certified LEGO® Serious Play™ facilitator, and has numerous Agile certifications.

Jenni consults, writes and speaks worldwide about leadership, teams, and how to take advantage of how our brains function to get optimal thinking in the workplace. She is co-author of TOGETHER: How leaders involve & engage people to get great things done.

  +45 40 47 78 50 jenni@goagile.dk Linkedin @jenniindk

Tobias Brock Fors

Tobias Brock Fors is a specialist in effective collaboration between Business stakeholders and the IT organization – both from a strategic and an operational level.
Using a facilitative approach that focuses on facts and common goals, Tobias brings people with varying perspectives together to create a common path forward.

With more than 20 years’ experience in strategy and leadership including stints at Accenture and
Codan Forsikring, Tobias enjoys working with organizations to create solutions for complex
functional challenges in an IT set up.

Tobias strategic and analytical approach is complemented by strong competencies in facilitation,
communication and working with stakeholders, as well as extensive experience in change management.

  +45 61 72 03 17tobias@goagile.dk Linkedin

Louise Navntoft

Louise Navntoft is an accomplished Customer Relationship Manager with strengths in logistical coordination, planning and organizing courses and events, both in Denmark and abroad.

She has her Bachelor’s degree in Education and many years’ experience managing administrative functions. She is educated in accounting, a DSDM-certified Agile Project Leader, certified Strategic Play© with LEGO® Serious Play™ facilitator and also has expertise in graphic facilitation. Louise acts as the goAgile “life saver” pitching in wherever the team and our clients need her.

+45 27 12 38 87 louise@goagile.dk Linkedin @LNavntoft

Our Vision

To create a world where people work in environments where they thrive and do their best thinking.

Our Mission

In order to do more than just help organizations deliver the right product or service faster, we involve and engage people in a way that creates lasting change.

Our Values

Our values are deep inside each of us at goAgile: 

Make a difference
We want to make a difference in everything we do – for our customers, ourselves and the communities in which we live and work.

Appreciate freedom
We appreciate that we have the freedom to do the work we love.

We reach out for and share ideas where and whenever we can.

We know that trust and empathy drive our interactions with others.

We encourage and challenge ourselves and people around us to grow and reach their full potential.

Real value
We deliver real value by challenging, involving, engaging and inspiring our customers to work better.