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Our old ideas of good leadership is where the leader knows all, tells all and is always in control. It’s difficult for us to change because those old habits are hardwired in our brains! Intent-Based Leadership™ offers a way for us to rewire – to give control, trust, and learn to be okay with not having all the answers. It’s where the leader sets the environment for others to excel; where team members come to the leader describing what they see, what they think, and what they intend to do.

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Stress, Performance & Motivation

Help your people reduce stress & increase performance

Leaders who support and encourage their people, especially in times of stress, have higher performing organizations. Learn more about how stress impacts our performance — and what we can do about it. It’s up to us to create environments where people do their best thinking and design our interactions to increase intrinsic motivation.


Why is it that figuring out what to focus on in the PI/Big Room Planning sessions is always difficult? In this video, we explain what it takes to make SAFe work with Slicing and Master Planning.

This is how to make SAFe work – with Scaled Planning
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Watch and learn why Agile works based on neuro-scientific evidence.
Agile works to deliver the right product faster and to increase people’s motivation. Often, though, the focus on individuals and interactions lead to push-back from management. What if we could prove this focus is the reason we reap the benefits of Agile and create lasting change? Jenni found the proof – and shares the neuro-scientific evidence of why Agile works – a far more accurate view of human nature based on breakthroughs in how our brains function, how we are motivated, and how to create lasting change.

Change can be difficult. As a leader, be conscious of how change affects people on your team and help with the difficult time by making yourself available and transparent.
Watch Jenni’s LeadershipNudge on why leaders must support and encourage people through change.

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Did you know that Amazon can deliver your package in 30 minutes? In contrast, most banks take weeks to deliver a simple loan or service. Why? Because Amazon is organized around customer journeys. Banks typically need to involve several departments to complete a customer journey. Read this article for inspiration on the steps to take to get you closer to the magic of organizing around customer journeys.

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