Perhaps because we’ve been around the block once or twice, we are not afraid to challenge the status quo – making observations, asking questions, suggesting alternative approaches, and helping resolve conflicts – all as part of reaching their organization’s strategic goals.

We take deep pride in taking the lead and assuming responsibility to not only guide people in Intent-based Leadership® and Agile ways of working, but more importantly, to relentlessly pursue ways to remove impediments that get in the way of:

  • Reacting and responding quickly to market changes
  • Decreasing time to market & increasing quality
  • Focusing on the right customers
  • Shifting to agile culture and growth mindsets

In goAgile, we have made a conscious choice to offer only strategic consulting services so that your people internally are the ones leading the change. As Transformation Advisors, we will: 

  • Work with you to develop a dynamic plan to help you reach your goals – adjusting methodologies to fit where your organization and teams are right now 
  • Inspect and adjust the plan together with you to best support you as you continue your agile journey  
  • Guide, train and support your people as they become more experienced agilists, Agile leaders, coaches and ambassadors, thereby spreading this way of working faster, reducing your dependency on outside consultants, and anchoring the transformation in your organization 

Our experience proves that this pragmatic way of implementing Agile is how organizations achieve lasting change. 

You can get a deeper insight about Intent-Based Leadersship® here.