Making Agile Work

Getting the most out of Agile requires being more pragmatic than just focusing on the methodologies. Rather than force certain practices, our approach to implementing Agile is centered on these four goAgile Involve & Engage Principles

Making Agile Work

Understand together

Plan Together

Plan together

Demonstrate results frequently + feedback

Validate together

Reflect together to  learn & improve

Reflect together

What it takes:

  • Involving and engaging people to create ownership in new ways of leading and working
  • Communicating the WHY and creating meaning for people
  • Starting where people are at 
  • Driving the transformation forward together at all levels in the organization
  • Encouraging & supporting people through the change
  • Taking the lead & responsibility by removing impediments and challenging the status quo
  • Getting operational stability & innovation
  • Utilizing experiments to ”act your way to new thinking”
  • Creating the environment where Business and IT experience the benefits of working in an Agile way
  • Nurturing the new culture

As an extension of supplement to making agile work, you might also find Intent-Based Leadership® interesting.