Courses & Programs for High-impact Learning

Getting the most out of training courses requires commitment, time and practice. We will support you on your learning journey so that you succeed in improving your ways of working, which will, in turn, bring greater value to you and your organization. 

While our deep expertise and engaging way of doing training sets us apart, we also make the connection between learning points and how they apply in daily life.  In addition to our regular courses, we also offer hands-on training and guidance, so that you will feel more comfortable trying new things, as well as get feedback along with tips and tricks to improve next time. In this way, new learnings become habits. 

Essential Intent-Based Leadership®

1 day

Learn how to give control and increase the clarity and competence of your people in this course run by David Marquet, award-winning author of Turn the Ship Around!, and Jenni Jepsen. The IBL framework focuses on how leaders can create agile environments where people feel motivated and do their best thinking.

Leaders in Agile

3 days

This 3-day course is specifically designed to meet the needs of managers and leaders working in Agile organizations or organizations transforming to Agile methodologies – providing hands-on learning, covering the full management perspective of Agile including benefits, roles, responsibilities, new ways of leading, motivation, change and mindset.

Leading SAFe® 5.1

2 days

Learn the tools for the agile enterprise at team, program, value stream and value levels. The course forms the basis for enterprise agile transformation with SAFe®, providing a thorough introduction to SAFe and the underlying principles of Lean thinking, change management and product development flow.

Certification available, SAFe® Agilist (SA).

Agile Project Leadership

2½ days

Take Scrum and Kanban to the next level and learn advanced Agile project leadership, as well as the skills necessary to become an even better Agile Project Leader: planning, facilitation, leadership, and collaboration

Certification available.

Product Owner 360˚

3 days

Designed to meet the needs of Product Owners in Agile organizations, this course covers the full perspective of product ownership: the process plus what it takes to succeed as a Product Owner: facilitation, stakeholder management, and leadership.

Certification available.

Facilitation for Leaders

2 days

Make your meetings and workshops 10 times more efficient while creating ownership and results. It’s about involving and engaging people in the process. Learn how to make this happen and be inspired to become a more facilitative leader.

Agile Mindset

1 day

This course is based on neuroscience: how our brains are wired, and how that relates to motivation, willingness to try and learn new things, and dealing with change. It is a mix of lecture and practical exercises to understand what it means to shift mindsets, what it takes to achieve it, and how to create lasting change.

Internal Training Programs

We also offer two longer-term internal training programs for you to consider.

Agile Coaches Training Creating effective internal Agile coaches in your organization 6 months

Reduce your dependency on outside consultants and anchor your Agile transformation. Our Agile Coaches training program runs over 6-months and consists of a combination of advanced Agile courses and sparring around coaching skills and techniques; guiding and mentoring people/teams; and leading change. Afterwards, your internal coaches will be able to coach teams to realize each individual’s potential – creating an environment to support Agile ways of working, and helping harvest the full benefits of working Agile long term.

Promoting Agile Leadership ProgramSupporting leaders working in a scaled Agile set up 6 months

This 6-month program is based on hard science of motivation, learning and making change last, and at the same time offering practical, specific ideas, tools, and mechanisms that relate directly to achieving successful results using scaled Agile principles and processes, as well as incorporating appropriate organizational KPIs. A combination of courses, workshops, individual and group sparring spaced out over 6 months, allows time for each leader to work with the leadership concepts, as well as receive additional feedback and support to anchor the learnings in the organization.

I found the content interesting and the material was very doable. I liked all the exercises and being hands on. I am glad that I can use them all in my real worklife

Martin Holmberg

The exercises were perfect. You learned a lot from them and from the other participants. Very good balance between theory and exercises.

Liisa Vuorena

The content was spot on for our need. The way everything was presented was very professional and eyecatching. Jenni is nice, funny and competent!