Agile Mindset

Many organizations working with Agile methodologies talk about changing mindsets. Leaders are looking to Agile practices to lead the way toward an overall organizational change where teams are motivated to deliver more value faster, and where people’s pride and joy of work are enhanced.

We know from extensive experience that Agile principles and practices by themselves will not lead to this kind of an organizational transformation. A real Agile transformation is about not just doing Agile, but being Agile.

Taking the principles of Agile in, and shifting to new behaviors that drive results. Our one-day Agile Mindset course is based on neuroscience; how we, as humans, are wired, and how that relates to motivation and dealing with change. It is a mix of lecture and practical exercises to create understanding about what it means to shift mindsets, what it takes to achieve it, and how to sustain the change.

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Course duration: 1 day

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This was an excellent day. The best thing was its concrete tips and tools, they were easy to understand and easy to start taking into practice.

Jaana R.