Essential Intent-Based Leadership®

Lead for greatness in your Agile organization

Are you tired of having to always have all the answers? Does worrying about whether you will get the deliveries you need sap your energy and brain space? Are you running into roadblock after roadblock with your people and projects? The problem isn’t your leadership, it’s your leadership paradigm.

In this course, we’ll re-examine how we think about leadership and be inspired to achieve greatness – moving the perspective from performance compliance to excellence through great leadership. Jenni Jepsen will present and work with Intent-based Leadership®, how it supports the Agile organization, and how to create environments where people feel motivated and do their best thinking.

Duration: 1 day

Registration: or call +45 2712 3887.

We also offer a 3-day course for managers and Leaders in Agile.

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I really liked how you guys complimented each other – theoretical vs. practical. Of course, David’s great stories are very entertaining but they suited the course well and made it even more interesting.


– As always, it is a great experience to meet the man behind a brilliant concept. It was an enlightening and inspirational experience to meet David and Jenni and to hear their building thoughts on the base concept / notion (of Intent-based Leadership).


Another important point of our experience, was to see many of the (IBL) participants were younger generation – leading into the direction that this is the path of the future.


In our opinion, Intent-Based-Leadership is a very strong leadership methodology, but it only works if the leader him/herself truly commits, believes and operates accordingly. In our experience – creating a thinking environment and thereby tune and move the control where the knowledge is, brought great results and we are positive that there is more potential in it for us.