Facilitation for Leaders

More and more, successful and effective meetings of all kinds rely on involving and engaging teams and individuals – and getting them to take ownership in the process. The workshop teaches leaders how to create a common understanding of project goals and ownership of decisions made that affect the project and the organization. The results: stronger commitment to decisions, time and energy saved, more involved and engaged teams, and more new ideas generated.

We have found that our Agile Mindset course is an excellent continuation to our Facilitation for Leaders course.  Read more about the Agile Mindset course here.


Duration: 2 days

For more information: Send an email to louise@goagile.dk

The best of the Leading SAFe course was: the pace! Openness. The teacher – one of the best ever! Content. All of the exercises.

Mats Øberg

I found the content interesting and the material was very doable. I liked all the exercises and being hands on. I am glad that I can use them all in my real worklife. I got insights on how much you actually can achieve in a very short time if you do it in a controlled and facilitated way. Fun and valuable knowledge.

Mats Rieger

I liked the interactivity to hold several, and participate in even more, workshops. Seeing different techniques and approaches was really helpful and inspiring. I also liked the challenge day 2.


Johan Alvbring

It really pintpoints some key techniques and features to facilitate even if you are a complete newcomer to this. It was very good with a lot of practice moments and explanations of techniques and things to think about.

Johan O.