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Scaling Agile - intro to the series

Having several teams working together in an Agile way to speed up delivery of new products and services to their customers is, for many companies, the answer to the rapid changes we see in the marketplace today. Scaling Agile, however, is a bigger and different challenge than ”just” implementing Agile at the team level. It’s an organizational and behavioral journey…

In Scaling Agile - A Real Story, Ole Jepsen shares a true scaling agile story from a particular program. In Slice and Understand Together, learn how to slice your requirements into potential releasable epics. In Master Planning Together, find out how to set the direction for the entire program. And finally, get tips on how to make the big event successful in Big Room Planning

Scaling Agile – A Real Story
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Scaling Agile – Slice and Understand Together
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Scaling Agile – Master Planning Together
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Scaling Agile – Big Room Planning
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Making SAFe® work with Scaled Planning

Stress, Performance & Motivation


Get inspired - Lead for greatness with Jenni Jepsen

Leadership Nudges™ with Jenni Jepsen.


“Flirting with your customers,” -Jenni Jepsen – creating relationships with your stakeholders, why and how-to.

“Communicate Business Value to Your Stakeholders,” Jenni Jepsen – why communicating the value you create is critical as you follow the value working Agile, along with some tips on how-to.

The Neuroscience of Agile Leadership,” Jenni Jepsen – why Agile works from the perspective of the human brain.

Additional articles

Facilitation of Online Workshops

– quick tips on how to involve & engage participants in online workshops.

Follow the value

- By specifying ”just enough” up front, Agile enables projects to follow the value.

Tips for POs: working with your stakeholders

– ideas on how to work with all the product’s stakeholders to get value delivered as quickly as possible.

Our Agile Coaching & Sparring – The Why and the How

- amplify the impact of Agile with coaching and sparring to support people on their journeys – for some, it is life changing, and for others, it’s ”just” about adjusting behaviors. 

Use Case Camps
– learn how to create a common understanding and get the overview from a seemingly endless list of requirements via Use Case Camps.
Tips from the trenches

We're honoured to be part of this great new book Tips from the trenches  by Yves Hanoulle. You can read our tip "Stop protecting your team," as well as many other great tips from some of the world's foremost agilists to get ideas on how to make your Scrum ceremonies even better.

Leadership Nudges™ with Jenni Jepsen

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