New ways of working require new ways of leading

Over and over again, we’ve been told that leaders get people to do things. The problem is that approach doesn’t work when it comes to thinking. Instead, what you end up doing is stealing away people’s ownership which leaves leaders more and more overwhelmed and employees less and less engaged.

In today’s world, successful leaders create environments where people thrive and feel valued. It’s in this space where people do solution-focused and innovative work. These environments support transparency, which, in turn, leads to trust and even greater transparency.

goAgile helps organizations implement Intent-Based Leadership®, a new leadership paradigm, where employees come to the leader describing what they see, what they think, and what they intend to do. With Intent-Based Leadership®, the culture of the organization shifts from one of permission and waiting, to intent and action.

It is an involving and engaging way to lead people that centers on helping people increase their competencies and understanding of why they are doing the work they are doing. Not only does effectivity increase, people also feel better and are happier and healthier.

Leading in this way, organizations attain energized and empowered workplaces with happier people who deliver greater business value.

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We are in this transformation to move in an agile way from our current command and control culture to one where everyone is a leader, where our people take initiative and ownership.