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Facilitation training – online program
Techniques to Involve & Engage People and Create Ownership
4 half days spaced out over 4 weeks
Successful and effective meetings of all kinds rely on involving and engaging people – and getting them to
take ownership in the process. This program teaches participants how to create a common understanding
of what needs to get done, and ownership of decisions that affect the work and the organization via
facilitation. The results: stronger commitment to decisions, time and energy saved, more involved and
engaged people, and more new ideas generated. The four weeks are divided into the following sessions:
Week 1: Facilitation – making it easy for people to get great results
Week 2: Online workshops, comfort zones & creativity
Week 3: Retrospectives – your not-so “secret weapon”
Week 4: Handling the unknown

Essential Intent-Based Leadership®
2 half days
The focus of this course is to re-examine how we think about leadership and be inspired to achieve
greatness. It’s about moving the perspective from performance compliance to excellence through
great leadership. Leadership is about making people better, as well as a better product or service –
where the excellence of the organization resides in people and practices, not in one individual
leader. We present and work with Intent-Based Leadership®, how it supports the Agile
organization, and how to create environments where people feel motivated and do their best
thinking. With Intent-Based Leadership®, the culture of the organization shifts from one of
permission and waiting, to intent and action.

Stop giving feedback!
Create an ask-for-feedback mindset instead
Giving unsolicited feedback doesn’t work – no matter how well trained we are in doing so. Instead,
we need to ask for feedback. Neuroscience shows this is the most effective way to work with
feedback. The control is with the recipient of the feedback, changing the dynamics and increasing
effectiveness. This interactive course offers tools and techniques for creating an ask-for-feedback
mindset, and how you can take what you learn and translate it into better development
discussions and results with your people.

TOGETHER (Master Class)
4 days spaced out over 4 weeks
There’s a surprisingly simple answer to help people get great results. Do it together. When we Understand
Together, Plan Together, Validate Together and Reflect Together, we create an environment where people
are happier, more motivated and more innovative. Learn why leaders must, and how leaders can, involve
and engage people to get great results. This master class is based on the book TOGETHER – How leaders
involve & engage people to get great things done bringing key pragmatic Agile concepts to life. It is co-
facilitated by Jenni Jepsen and Ole Jepsen who share theory, stories, the science behind them, and practical
tools to increase motivation and solve organizational challenges together.
Week 1: Understand Together
Week 2: Plan Together
Week 3: Validate Together
Week 4: Reflect Together

Leading SAFe® 5.1
with SAFe® Agilist (SA) certification
4 half days
Learn about the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) and get tools you need to work in a scaled Agile
organization and across large programs. SAFe is the most popular framework to scale Agile worldwide.
Understand how the levels in SAFe – Team, Program, Solution and Portfolio – work together and support
each other. Get a pragmatic and experienced-based perspective on how to make SAFe work in a development organization.

SAFe® 5.0 Scrum Master
with SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM) certification
4 half days
Learn about the role of Scrum Master in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) and get tools you need to perform
in role as Scrum Master in a scaled Agile organization and across large programs. SAFe is the most popular
framework to scale Agile worldwide. SAFe Scrum Masters facilitate team and program events as they work
together with other teams in an Agile Release Train. This course prepares you for your role as Scrum Master
in the larger entire enterprise context, to successfully plan and execute the Program Increment – the primary enabler of alignment throughout

Product owner


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Niels Erik Hansen

Product Owner 360: Et af mine bedste kurser nogensinde! Super godt indhold, der blev præsenteret af en underviser på MEGET højt niveau.

Niels Erik Hansen

Kristen Krogh

Rigtig godt kursus. Hvis det kommer en efterfølger, så SKAL jeg med!
God blanding af teori og praksis, god energi. Et dynamsik og indlevende kursus. Mange guldkorn at tage med hjem.

Kristen Krogh