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Conversations with Leaders: Mads Jæger, KPMG

Meet Mads Jæger. Partner KPMG, the fastest growing professional services firm in Denmark. Across their service lines, KPMG works with more than 75% of companies in C20 and 15 of the largest companies[…]

How Intent-Based Leadership® helps people feel safe to speak up

Many of the leaders we work with are frustrated that their people don’t speak up and share their ideas or issues that they see. “Why do I always find out later?” and “Why are our team members […]

Human or Resource? Jenni discusses how we treat people at work

Do you work with resources or people? Watch Jenni’s LeadershipNudge to understand more about why we need to always refer to our people as people, not as numbers on a spread sheet. In this video Jenn[…]


How leaders involve & engage people to get great things done

In their book TOGETHER, Jenni and Ole share our four Involve & Engage Principles™ for leaders: Understand Together, Plan Together, Validate Together and Reflect Together, as well as the neuroscience that backs it up. Learn what it takes to find solutions together, and how involving and engaging leads to happier, more motivated people who achieve great results.


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