Jenni‘s introduction to Intent-based Leadership from the Agile Breakfast is now available to watch in full with subtitles

David shares an early mistake he made as a U.S. Navy submarine captain. “Don’t assume everyone has the same picture…That’s not enough. You’ve got to do it TOGETHER.”

Build trust to breakdown silos by: being curious, seeing others’ perspectives & experimenting to do things differently TOGETHER.

Keeping close connections with employees in the time of COVID. How Tommy and his team at Codan Forsikring in Copenhagen create greater understanding TOGETHER.

Not taking time to Understand Together leads to confusion, frustration, and lots of wasted time.
You can end meeting hell TOGETHER.

More consequences of command & control behavior blocking the ability to get great things done. You can end meeting hell TOGETHER!

Look familiar? End this meeting hell by involving & engaging, and understanding together to create ownership.

Best-selling author L. David Marquet shares a story about the “not always sexy but important work” of understanding together and how it leads to getting great things done.

One of the characteristics of great leaders is vulnerability. Nordea’s Jørn Overgaard Christiansen shares lessons learned about the importance of empathy in working together.

Solving stressful challenges together. How CitizenM Copenhagen’s staff uses feedback to learn and move forward TOGETHER.