Agile Leadership

Agile’s not just a methodology

There is a common misperception in many organizations transforming to Agile ways of working that Agile is yet one more way to do project management. And to make it worse, there are many funny sounding[...]

Change Organizational Change

In scaling Agile ways of working, frameworks suggest that we “organize around value” and that we foster “organizational Agility.” Of course! This is common sense. So how do we make it common p[...]

Tips for POs: Working with your stakeholders

The job of Product Owner is incredibly complex – it involves understanding the value that needs to be delivered (from your users’ or customers’ perspective) and figuring out how to work with all[...]

Learn how the Vice President at Tryg works the agile way

In our latest “Conversations with Leaders,” we interview Michael Poulsen, Vice President, Head of Business Technology at Tryg. Tryg is one of the largest insurance companies in Scandinavia with ne[...]

Conversations with Leaders: Anders Vognsen, Novo Nordisk

Anders Vognsen, Head of the Lean Agile Center of Excellence in Novo Nordisk, works together with his team and colleagues to focus on delivering value for the global healthcare company headquartered in[...]

Conversations with Leaders: Nicolai Porsbo

Build trust to breakdown silos by: being curious, seeing others’ perspectives & experimenting to do things differently TOGETHER.

Conversations with Leaders: Tommy Leoni, Codan

Keeping close connections with employees in the time of COVID. How Tommy and his team at Codan Forsikring in Copenhagen create greater understanding TOGETHER.

End Meeting Hell: Part 3

Not taking time to Understand Together leads to confusion, frustration, and lots of wasted time. You can end meeting hell TOGETHER.

End Meeting Hell: Part 2

More consequences of command & control behavior blocking the ability to get great things done. You can end meeting hell TOGETHER!

End Meeting Hell – Part 1

Look familiar? End this meeting hell by involving & engaging, and understanding together to create ownership.

How David Marquet sees the world improving TOGETHER

Best-selling author L. David Marquet shares a story about the “not always sexy but important work” of understanding together and how it leads to getting great things done.

Conversations with Leaders: Jørn Overgaard Christiansen

One of the characteristics of great leaders is vulnerability. Nordea’s Jørn Overgaard Christiansen shares lessons learned about the importance of empathy in working together.

Conversations with Leaders: Trine Hardy, CitizenM

Solving stressful challenges together. How CitizenM Copenhagen’s staff uses feedback to learn and move forward TOGETHER.

Conversations with Leaders: Anders Sabra

Learn what being together with the right people means from the perspective of a racing boat skipper, and lessons to take into leading at every level in your organization.

Conversations with Leaders – Anne Carøe Hald

Anne Carøe Hald from Lunar bank in Copenhagen shares what TOGETHER means to her and how it impacts how she leads. It’s about doing what matters. She asks: what is it that you really want? As a [...]

Conversations with Leaders – Ida Marie Bjerre Jepsen

Meet Ida, the head of ReDI School in Copenhagen, a non-profit technical school. ReDi School provides women with refugee and migrant backgrounds valuable digital skills, as well as a strong network of [...]

The Neuroscience of Agile Leadership

We know from experience that Agile works to increase people’s motivation, joy of work, and effectiveness. But why, from a brain perspective, do things like having the overview, influence, autonomy a[...]

You can’t empower people

There are so many KPIs that talk about “empowerment.” Empowering people means that you have the power! Watch our talk about how leaders can create an environment where people feel empowered, rathe[...]

The Magic of Organizing around Customer Journeys

Did you know that Amazon can deliver your package in 30 minutes? In contrast, most banks take weeks to deliver a simple loan or service. Why? Because Amazon is organized around customer journeys.

How do you support and encourage people through change?

To help people get through the pain of change, be available for your team members, and transparent in how you share information. Watch Jenni’s Leadership Nudge on why leaders must support and en[...]