Brain-friendly change

Rely on insight if you want the best solutions

Organizational challenges in the 21st century require more than pure fact in order to get to successful strategies. We no longer live in a world where analysis alone provides the best solutions. But t[...]

“Flirting” With Your Customers

All over the world, there are classes that teach people how to flirt. A German university even requires their IT engineers take a flirting class—not to attract a partner, but to learn how to interac[...]

The Neuroscience of Agile Leadership

We know from experience that Agile works to increase people’s motivation, joy of work, and effectiveness. But why, from a brain perspective, do things like having the overview, influence, autonomy a[...]

How do our brains react to feedback?

Did you know that research shows that giving unsolicited feedback doesn’t work? People go on the defensive and improvements don’t happen. Watch & learn what to do instead.

You can’t empower people

There are so many KPIs that talk about “empowerment.” Empowering people means that you have the power! Watch our talk about how leaders can create an environment where people feel empowered, rathe[...]

Together – take advantage of how we’re wired to get results

There’s a lot of togetherness in today’s agile organizations. Working together does bring results. Did you know, though, that seeking social connections are things we humans do naturally? Our brai[...]

Stress, Performance & Motivation

Help your people reduce stress and increase performance. Leaders who support and encourage their people, especially in times of stress, have higher performing organizations. Learn more about how stres[...]

How do you support and encourage people through change?

To help people get through the pain of change, be available for your team members, and transparent in how you share information. Watch Jenni’s Leadership Nudge on why leaders must support and en[...]