How to Involve & Engage in Online Workshops

Online meetings and workshops are here to stay. However, so many of them are boring and fail to involve and engage participants. If we don’t involve and engage people, we will never create ownership[...]

Conversations with Leaders: Anders Sabra

Learn what being together with the right people means from the perspective of a racing boat skipper, and lessons to take into leading at every level in your organization.

Conversations with Leaders – Anne Carøe Hald

Anne Carøe Hald from Lunar bank in Copenhagen shares what TOGETHER means to her and how it impacts how she leads. It’s about doing what matters. She asks: what is it that you really want? As a [...]

Conversations with Leaders – Ida Marie Bjerre Jepsen

Meet Ida, the head of ReDI School in Copenhagen, a non-profit technical school. ReDi School provides women with refugee and migrant backgrounds valuable digital skills, as well as a strong network of [...]

Communicate Business Value to Your Stakeholders

I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t care what letter you put in front of ”DD.” I don’t care so much about how code is written or the ins-and-outs of software development. It’s not because[...]

You can’t empower people

There are so many KPIs that talk about “empowerment.” Empowering people means that you have the power! Watch our talk about how leaders can create an environment where people feel empowered, rathe[...]

Together – take advantage of how we’re wired to get results

There’s a lot of togetherness in today’s agile organizations. Working together does bring results. Did you know, though, that seeking social connections are things we humans do naturally? Our brai[...]

Stress, Performance & Motivation

Help your people reduce stress and increase performance. Leaders who support and encourage their people, especially in times of stress, have higher performing organizations. Learn more about how stres[...]