Webinar on demand: Think hybrid Big Room planning doesn’t work? Think again.

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Ole Jepsen

If you’re working in an organization that requires planning across multiple teams across multiple countries, you’re probably part of hybrid Big Room Planning sessions (also known as PI Planning & 90-day planning).

Yet…so often we hear people say:

“Hybrid Big Room planning just doesn’t work. In fact, it really sucks. It’s the worst of both the online and face-to-face worlds!”

Because so many people are involved, when it fails, it’s the talk of the town for weeks, and the hours wasted add up with so many people.

Even worse: Big Room Planning is supposed to set the common direction for the work of a large number of people for the months to come, and if it doesn’t, we risk teams working on the wrong things and/or that teams are not in sync, which slows us down.

Proven ways to make hybrid Big Room planning work

Together with Elliott Furber, Head of Digital Portfolio & Planning at Stena Line, we’ve fine-tuned hybrid Big Room Planning to something that really works – an event people look forward to attending.

It’s achieved through a carefully balanced mix of MS Teams, Miro, physical spaces, and preparation with key participants and stakeholders.

Learn how Stena Line’s Big Room Planning process:

  • Addresses the challenges the organization had in planning
  • Increases collaboration across teams, areas and countries
  • Results in clear direction about the work to be done in the next 90-days
  • Combines the best of online and face-to-face tools to create great results together

Watch our webinar where Ole Jepsen and Elliott Furber are sharing some of the surprisingly simple hacks to make hybrid Big Room Plannings work, as well as a Miro template you can put into immediate use.