Making Agile work

Pragmatic Agile support aligning purpose and ways of working to anchor change

Focus on outcomes, not process

Many organizations using Agile have a heavy reliance on specific Agile processes instead of the purpose of Agile ways of working – the value outcomes we want to achieve. The result is that people run around doing the events without realizing the benefits. People don’t feel involved or engaged, and no ownership is created.

Pragmatism over methodologies

Rather than force certain practices, our approach to implementing Agile is centered on four Involve & Engage Principles™: Understand together, plan together, validate together and reflect together. Our common-sense approach breaks down the barriers to Agile ways of working by starting where people are, involving people to give influence and gain perspectives across the organization, creating meaning about the WHY, and encouraging and supporting people through change.

Anchor Agile in your organization

Making Agile work and creating lasting change only happens when new ways of leading and working are anchored by your people. We act as trusted advisors (not long-term consultants) to turn your Agile ways of working around, and support developing your people to not just do Agile, but become Agile.


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