Conversations with Leaders – Anne Carøe Hald

Anne Carøe Hald from Lunar bank in Copenhagen shares what TOGETHER means to her and how it impacts how she leads. It’s about doing what matters. She asks: what is it that you really want? As a [...]

Scaling Agile – Big Room Planning

Scaled Planning Scaled planning, including slicing and master planning, is a pragmatic approach to help you with your scaled planning challenges. Scaled planning uses the organization’s overall stra[...]

Scaling Agile – Master Planning Together

Scaled planning, including slicing and master planning, is a pragmatic approach to help you with your scaled planning challenges. Scaled planning uses the organization’s overall Strategic objectives[...]

Scaling Agile – Slice and Understand Together

Getting started The only right way to start a new development effort is to get slicing and a common understanding in place – and it is very difficult to do. Perhaps you might think you have it in pl[...]

Scaling Agile – a Real Story

Scaled Planning Scaled Planning, including slicing and master planning, is a pragmatic approach to help you with your scaled planning challenges. Scaled planning uses the organization’s overall stra[...]

Put the Feedback back into “Demo & Feedback”

Rename your “sprint review” or “iteration review” to demo & feedback, to emphasize that the purpose is to get feedback. Without feedback, we’re blindfolded in our attempt to follow the valu[...]

Jenni Jepsen Intent Based Leadership Agile Tour Vienna 2019

Redefining leadership in a not so normal world

Redefining Leadership

The neuroscience of agile leadership

Stop giving feedback!

Empowering People is Impossible

Think Out Loud

Think out loud to share ideas, observations, worries, and questions in any kind of change. Learn how one company is “thinking out loud” as a way to implement their new operating model. In this sho[...]

Remove Impediments

Learn how the impediment buster board helps make it easier to remove blockers in your organization. In this video, Jenni shares: How one simple tool makes it easy to make obstacles transparent in the [...]

Stop giving feedback, ask for it instead

Research shows giving feedback doesn’t work. For feedback to work, we need to want it. Asking for feedback enables us to improve. In this video, Jenni shares: Why asking for feedback is the secret t[...]

Why true but useless comments should remain unsaid

The next time somebody is telling you about their situation and you want to comment, think before you speak: is what you are about to say helpful? In this video, Jenni shares: Why sometimes we don’t[...]

The Power of Yet

Our brains have evolved over thousands of years to see the danger around us. Hardwiring these negative connections has allowed us to survive as a species. And it has also made it easy for us to say, [...]

Embrace Life’s Speedbumps

Though it may seem counterintuitive, slowing down when all you want to do is speed up may be the smartest thing to do. In this short video, Jenni shares: The importance of pausing to make space for th[...]

Reduce Stress to Drive Success

Optimal thinking depends on the right levels of stress. How does stress affect productivity? What can leaders do to help their team be more effective? In this video, Jenni shares: Why we need to have [...]

How Leaders Manage Change

Don’t let people fend for themselves in a change, remove the frustration by supporting and encouraging people through the change instead. In this video nudge, Jenni shares: The importance of support[...]

The Key to Happiness

Trying to control what others do or what we cannot control is not only frustrating, it’s bad for your health & happiness. In this video, Jenni shares: Why trying to control what you cannot contr[...]

Immediate Recognition

When was the last time you caught someone in the act of doing something right? Sometimes in this busy world we live in, we forget to acknowledge when people are doing things right. In this video, Jenn[...]

Focus on Success

Our brains make us focus on errors. What if we could focus more on successes? In this video, Jenni shares: That our brains are trained to focus on errors Why a move-toward-reward mindset makes more se[...]

Continually Repeat the Message

Feel like a broken record? You might, however your audience doesn’t hear it that way. In this video, Jenni shares: Why consistently repeating your message bring clarity Advice on how to think of how[...]

Take a Break

Hard time focusing on a task at hand? Take a break. In this video, Jenni shares: Why taking a break is good for our thinking Why continuing a cognitive task when you’re out of energy doesn’t make [...]

Choose Your Response

In an out-of-your-control, irritating situation, you can choose to stay irritated, or…try another response. In this video, Jenni shares: That we are in control of our responses Choosing to see the p[...]

Give a Little Control

If giving up control is hard, start by giving just a little bit of control. In this short video, Jenni shares: How to help your inner “control freak” let go of control Feel safer giving up control[...]

Be Agile: Chunk (or Slice) and Complete

Stop following the fixed plan. Delivering value to your customers requires pausing to evaluate along the way. In this short video, Jenni shares a back-of-the-napkin explanation for: Why we should stop[...]

Introduction to Intent-based Leadership

Jenni‘s introduction to Intent-based Leadership from the Agile Breakfast is now available to watch in full with subtitles

Conversations with Leaders: L. David Marquet

David shares an early mistake he made as a U.S. Navy submarine captain. “Don’t assume everyone has the same picture…That’s not enough. You’ve got to do it TOGETHER.”

Conversations with Leaders: Nicolai Porsbo

Build trust to breakdown silos by: being curious, seeing others’ perspectives & experimenting to do things differently TOGETHER.

Conversations with Leaders: Tommy Leoni, Codan

Keeping close connections with employees in the time of COVID. How Tommy and his team at Codan Forsikring in Copenhagen create greater understanding TOGETHER.

End Meeting Hell: Part 3

Not taking time to Understand Together leads to confusion, frustration, and lots of wasted time. You can end meeting hell TOGETHER.

End Meeting Hell: Part 2

More consequences of command & control behavior blocking the ability to get great things done. You can end meeting hell TOGETHER!

End Meeting Hell – Part 1

Look familiar? End this meeting hell by involving & engaging, and understanding together to create ownership.

How David Marquet sees the world improving TOGETHER

Best-selling author L. David Marquet shares a story about the “not always sexy but important work” of understanding together and how it leads to getting great things done.

Conversations with Leaders: Jørn Overgaard Christiansen

One of the characteristics of great leaders is vulnerability. Nordea’s Jørn Overgaard Christiansen shares lessons learned about the importance of empathy in working together.

Conversations with Leaders: Trine Hardy, CitizenM

Solving stressful challenges together. How CitizenM Copenhagen’s staff uses feedback to learn and move forward TOGETHER.

Conversations with Leaders: Anders Sabra

Learn what being together with the right people means from the perspective of a racing boat skipper, and lessons to take into leading at every level in your organization.

“Flirting” With Your Customers

All over the world, there are classes that teach people how to flirt. A German university even requires their IT engineers take a flirting class—not to attract a partner, but to learn how to interac[...]

Conversations with Leaders – Ida Marie Bjerre Jepsen

Meet Ida, the head of ReDI School in Copenhagen, a non-profit technical school. ReDi School provides women with refugee and migrant backgrounds valuable digital skills, as well as a strong network of [...]

Our Agile evolution, and then the revolution

There’s a lot we’ve learned in all the years we’ve been working with organizations looking to deliver value to their customers faster, adjust more quickly to market changes, and have happier emp[...]

The Neuroscience of Agile Leadership

We know from experience that Agile works to increase people’s motivation, joy of work, and effectiveness. But why, from a brain perspective, do things like having the overview, influence, autonomy a[...]

Communicate Business Value to Your Stakeholders

I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t care what letter you put in front of ”DD.” I don’t care so much about how code is written or the ins-and-outs of software development. It’s not because[...]

How do our brains react to feedback?

Did you know that research shows that giving unsolicited feedback doesn’t work? People go on the defensive and improvements don’t happen. Watch & learn what to do instead.

You can’t empower people

There are so many KPIs that talk about “empowerment.” Empowering people means that you have the power! Watch our talk about how leaders can create an environment where people feel empowered, rathe[...]

Make SAFe™ work -with Scaled planning

Why is it that figuring out what to focus on in the PI/Big Room Planning sessions is always difficult? In this video, we explain what it takes to make SAFe work with Slicing and Master Planning. This[...]

The Magic of Organizing around Customer Journeys

Did you know that Amazon can deliver your package in 30 minutes? In contrast, most banks take weeks to deliver a simple loan or service. Why? Because Amazon is organized around customer journeys.

Together – take advantage of how we’re wired to get results

There’s a lot of togetherness in today’s agile organizations. Working together does bring results. Did you know, though, that seeking social connections are things we humans do naturally? Our brai[...]

Stress, Performance & Motivation

Help your people reduce stress and increase performance. Leaders who support and encourage their people, especially in times of stress, have higher performing organizations. Learn more about how stres[...]

A simple hack to remove impediments

How do we get things done faster? Simple tools can make the biggest impact on our work environment. Use this impediment busting tool to get over the hurdles in the workplace that keep your team from d[...]

Learn more about how to work with Intent-Based Leadership®

Our old ideas of good leadership is where the leader knows all, tells all and is always in control. It’s difficult for us to change because those old habits are hardwired in our brains! Intent-Based[...]

How do you support and encourage people through change?

To help people get through the pain of change, be available for your team members, and transparent in how you share information. Watch Jenni’s Leadership Nudge on why leaders must support and en[...]

Follow the value – know enough to get going

Chunking work into shorter complete cycles by scheduling a pause gives us a chance to reflect on the completed work and decide on the next step. The added benefit of many completes within the scope of[...]