The Power of Yet

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Jenni Jepsen

Our brains have evolved over thousands of years to see the danger around us. Hardwiring these negative connections has allowed us to survive as a species. And it has also made it easy for us to say, “I can’t” or “we can’t.”

In this video, Jenni shares:

  • How adding the word “yet” opens us up to possibilities
  • And where to find more on the Power of Yet by checking out the work of Carol Dweck, author of Growth Mindset

Do you find yourself saying you can’t?

“Can’t” creates a barrier to possibilities. Changing your language to “I can’t, yet” or “We can’t, yet” removes the barrier and sends a powerful signal that we are on a continuous improvement journey.

As you work with individuals in your organization to develop their vision for the future, it is crucial that you establish specific, measurable goals. These goals will help the individuals realize their ambitions.

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