Leadership Nudge®

Think Out Loud

Think out loud to share ideas, observations, worries, and questions in any kind of change. Learn how one company is “thinking out loud” as a way to implement their new operating model. In this sho[...]

Remove Impediments

Learn how the impediment buster board helps make it easier to remove blockers in your organization. In this video, Jenni shares: How one simple tool makes it easy to make obstacles transparent in the [...]

Stop giving feedback, ask for it instead

Research shows giving feedback doesn’t work. For feedback to work, we need to want it. Asking for feedback enables us to improve. In this video, Jenni shares: Why asking for feedback is the secret t[...]

Why true but useless comments should remain unsaid

The next time somebody is telling you about their situation and you want to comment, think before you speak: is what you are about to say helpful? In this video, Jenni shares: Why sometimes we don’t[...]

The Power of Yet

Our brains have evolved over thousands of years to see the danger around us. Hardwiring these negative connections has allowed us to survive as a species. And it has also made it easy for us to say, [...]

Embrace Life’s Speedbumps

Though it may seem counterintuitive, slowing down when all you want to do is speed up may be the smartest thing to do. In this short video, Jenni shares: The importance of pausing to make space for th[...]

Reduce Stress to Drive Success

Optimal thinking depends on the right levels of stress. How does stress affect productivity? What can leaders do to help their team be more effective? In this video, Jenni shares: Why we need to have [...]

How Leaders Manage Change

Don’t let people fend for themselves in a change, remove the frustration by supporting and encouraging people through the change instead. In this video nudge, Jenni shares: The importance of support[...]

The Key to Happiness

Trying to control what others do or what we cannot control is not only frustrating, it’s bad for your health & happiness. In this video, Jenni shares: Why trying to control what you cannot contr[...]

Immediate Recognition

When was the last time you caught someone in the act of doing something right? Sometimes in this busy world we live in, we forget to acknowledge when people are doing things right. In this video, Jenn[...]

Focus on Success

Our brains make us focus on errors. What if we could focus more on successes? In this video, Jenni shares: That our brains are trained to focus on errors Why a move-toward-reward mindset makes more se[...]

Continually Repeat the Message

Feel like a broken record? You might, however your audience doesn’t hear it that way. In this video, Jenni shares: Why consistently repeating your message bring clarity Advice on how to think of how[...]

Take a Break

Hard time focusing on a task at hand? Take a break. In this video, Jenni shares: Why taking a break is good for our thinking Why continuing a cognitive task when you’re out of energy doesn’t make [...]

Choose Your Response

In an out-of-your-control, irritating situation, you can choose to stay irritated, or…try another response. In this video, Jenni shares: That we are in control of our responses Choosing to see the p[...]

Give a Little Control

If giving up control is hard, start by giving just a little bit of control. In this short video, Jenni shares: How to help your inner “control freak” let go of control Feel safer giving up control[...]

Be Agile: Chunk (or Slice) and Complete

Stop following the fixed plan. Delivering value to your customers requires pausing to evaluate along the way. In this short video, Jenni shares a back-of-the-napkin explanation for: Why we should stop[...]