The Key to Happiness

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Jenni Jepsen

Trying to control what others do or what we cannot control is not only frustrating, it’s bad for your health & happiness.

In this video, Jenni shares:

  • Why trying to control what you cannot control is bad for your health
  • How you can choose to let go and appreciate various perspectives
  • How giving control might lead to perspectives you hadn’t thought of before

A key part of Intent-Based Leadership is about giving up control. While we understand the benefits giving control to others brings to them, things like increased influence and autonomy, and feeling more motivated, for example.

Did you know that giving up the need to control what people do, as well as the situations around you, can also make you happier?

Trying to control others leads to frustration and even losing their respect. It also results in ”power stress” – that’s the tendency to get angry or upset when others don’t do what we want them to do. Trying to control situations that are outside our control is also a happiness killer.

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Studies show that it increases blood pressure and the release of the stress hormone cortisol. What if we embraced NOT being able to control the outcome?

Think about reading a great mystery novel, or watching a movie? We don’t want the spoiler – knowing the outcome makes us unhappy. Making the conscious choice to give up control, and instead appreciating people’s varying perspectives or the unexpected outcomes of a situation, is good for your happiness.

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