Give a Little Control

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Jenni Jepsen

If giving up control is hard, start by giving just a little bit of control.

In this short video, Jenni shares:

  • How to help your inner “control freak” let go of control
  • Feel safer giving up control
  • Start small and build the give-control habit

The core of Intent-Based Leadership is around how to give more control to people based on people’s clarity and competency.

We know that the only way to know what clarity and competency gaps people have, is by first giving control to them.

You may be thinking, “Yeah, this sounds easy, but I am responsible if something goes wrong.” I totally understand that. I have a very strong “keep control” bias, so I can really relate to the struggle around giving up control. For many of us, it’s a big change in how we act.

Here’s what I’ve found works. Shrink the change. Start by giving just a little control.

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