Intent-Based Leadership®

Give a Little Control

If giving up control is hard, start by giving just a little bit of control. In this short video, Jenni shares: How to help your inner “control freak” let go of control Feel safer giving up control[...]

Introduction to Intent-based Leadership

Jenni‘s introduction to Intent-based Leadership from the Agile Breakfast is now available to watch in full with subtitles

Conversations with Leaders: L. David Marquet

David shares an early mistake he made as a U.S. Navy submarine captain. “Don’t assume everyone has the same picture…That’s not enough. You’ve got to do it TOGETHER.”

How David Marquet sees the world improving TOGETHER

Best-selling author L. David Marquet shares a story about the “not always sexy but important work” of understanding together and how it leads to getting great things done.

Our Agile evolution, and then the revolution

There’s a lot we’ve learned in all the years we’ve been working with organizations looking to deliver value to their customers faster, adjust more quickly to market changes, and have happier emp[...]

A simple hack to remove impediments

How do we get things done faster? Simple tools can make the biggest impact on our work environment. Use this impediment busting tool to get over the hurdles in the workplace that keep your team from d[...]

Learn more about how to work with Intent-Based Leadership®

Our old ideas of good leadership is where the leader knows all, tells all and is always in control. It’s difficult for us to change because those old habits are hardwired in our brains! Intent-Based[...]