How to Get Better using Mental Contrasting

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Jenni Jepsen

Getting better at what we do not only makes our daily life easier, it increases our motivation. Simply put, we feel a rush when we improve.

The Intent-Based Leadership principle: Don’t be good, get better brings our focus, as leaders, to improving. We can get better at things we don’t think we’re very good at, yet. And, we can get EVEN better at things we are good at already.

By taking advantage of how our brains work using the process of MENTAL CONTRASTING, we can more strategically move from our current state by comparing and contrasting the positive and negative aspects of our future state — and what it will take to get there.

With mental contrasting we use in our brains to make the steps around becoming even better tangible.

When we make our improvement process more tangible via mental contrasting, we increase the likelihood that we will do what it takes to reach our “get even better” goals.

In this video Jenni shares:

  • Why we need a strategy to make improvements
  • How mental contrasting helps us make improving tangible
  • Questions to ask as part of our improvement journey

Let us know how it goes.

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