Intent-Based Leadership

Shift the organizational culture from permission and waiting, to intent and action

Leaders don’t have to have all the answers

When we, as leaders, stop feeling like we must know everything to “get people to do the right things,” we can focus on decentralizing decision making instead. Giving control while increasing competence and clarity leads to more engaged people who make smart decisions, feel ownership and take responsibility.

Nudge people into new behaviors

goAgile helps organizations introduce and implement Intent-Based Leadership, a paradigm where team members come to the leader describing what they see, what they think, and what they intend to do. The purpose is to learn and practice a very hands-on, behavioral-based approach to creating leaders at every level to increase effectivity, eliminate impediments that get in the way of doing smart work, give control while enhancing clarity and competence to increase motivation, and take advantage of the thinking power of each employee every day.

Organizations implementing Intent-Based Leadership increase performance, well-being, and employee satisfaction. Intent-Based Leadership is focused on proven mechanisms, backed up by neuroscience, to nudge people into new behaviors.

Redefine leadership in your organization

Intent-Based Leadership offers a how-to for organizations to redefine what leadership means in a way that creates a workplace where the passion, motivation, engagement, creativity and intellect of each person is maximized.

goAgile is a trusted Intent-Based Leadership partner and works closely with former nuclear submarine Captain L. David Marquet, leadership expert and award-winning author of Turn the Ship Around! and Leadership is Language.


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