Human or Resource? Jenni discusses how we treat people at work

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Jenni Jepsen

Do you work with resources or people?

Watch Jenni’s LeadershipNudge to understand more about why we need to always refer to our people as people, not as numbers on a spread sheet.

In this video Jenni talks about:

  • The effect of our words on our thinking
  • Why we need to stop using dehumanizing language
  • How we can change our language from “resource” to “people”

The language we use does affect how we think and act. It may seem subtle, and you may think that you know the difference and people know what you mean when you refer to people as “resources” or “FTEs.”

However, by continuing to use that language over time, our brains hardwire to a place where we stop thinking about people as people — creating by itself a major lack of engagement by employees who do not feel valued for who they are or for what they do.

For more on the effects of dehumanizing language, Jenni recommends: Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent, by Isabel Wilkerson, and to go deeper into how leadership is tied to language: Leadership Is Language, by L. David Marquet.

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