Conversations with Leaders: L. David Marquet

David shares an early mistake he made as a U.S. Navy submarine captain. “Don’t assume everyone has the same picture…That’s not enough. You’ve got to do it TOGETHER.”

Conversations with Leaders: Jørn Overgaard Christiansen

One of the characteristics of great leaders is vulnerability. Nordea’s Jørn Overgaard Christiansen shares lessons learned about the importance of empathy in working together.

Conversations with Leaders: Trine Hardy, CitizenM

Solving stressful challenges together. How CitizenM Copenhagen’s staff uses feedback to learn and move forward TOGETHER.

Put the Feedback back into “Demo & Feedback”

Rename your “sprint review” or “iteration review” to demo & feedback, to emphasize that the purpose is to get feedback. Without feedback, we’re blindfolded in our attempt to follow the valu[...]

How do our brains react to feedback?

Did you know that research shows that giving unsolicited feedback doesn’t work? People go on the defensive and improvements don’t happen. Watch & learn what to do instead.

Follow the value – know enough to get going

Chunking work into shorter complete cycles by scheduling a pause gives us a chance to reflect on the completed work and decide on the next step. The added benefit of many completes within the scope of[...]