Essential Intent-Based Leadership

Lead for greatness in your Agile organization

Are you tired of having to always have all the answers? Does worrying about whether you will get the deliveries you need sap your energy and brain space? Are you running into roadblock after roadblock with your people and projects? The problem isn’t your leadership, it’s your leadership paradigm.

Over and over again, we’ve been told that leaders get people to do things and they try hard to do that. The problem is that approach doesn’t work when it comes to thinking. Instead, what you end up doing is stealing away people’s ownership which leaves you more and more overwhelmed and makes them less and less engaged.

The focus of this course is to re-examine how we think about leadership and be inspired to achieve greatness. It’s about moving the perspective from performance compliance to excellence through great leadership. Leadership is about making people better, as well as a better product or service – where the excellence of the organization resides in people and practices, not in one individual leader. We present and work with Intent-based Leadership, how it supports the Agile organization, and how to create environments where people feel motivated and do their best thinking.

We will introduce you to Intent-Based Leadership, a new leadership paradigm, one that was pioneered on a nuclear submarine. With this paradigm, team members come to the leader describing what they see, what they think, and what they intend to do. With the paradigm of Intent-Based Leadership, the culture of the organization shifts from one of permission and waiting, to intent and action. Not only does effectivity increase, people also feel better and are happier and healthier. People implementing Intent-Based Leadership have reported jumps in performance, well-being, and employee satisfaction. This way of leading is the key to successful Agile implementations in companies of all sizes.

Participants will learn how to move in an Agile way from their existing culture toward one where everyone is a leader, where people take initiative and ownership, and one which frees up critical cognitive space for you.

Specifically, learn how to:

  • Build ownership by speaking in a language that increases a feeling of empowerment.
  • Increase team performance and motivation based on the most recent neuroscience.
  • Use leadership tools to create an environment where people succeed.
  • Realize the steps to take when working toward mindset shifts.
  • Understand how you can contribute even more to the success of your Agile organization.

Participants and format The course is best suited for influencers in the workplace who have the desire to shape the environment within their organization. The course is in a workshop format that varies between presenting theory and hands-on activities. As applying theory is the best way to learn, participants will play a very active role in the course.

Target audience:
Managers, directors, leaders who want to create environments where people succeed.

Course Details
Duration: 1 day / 2 half days online
Price: 1100 € excl. VAT
Location: Vienna
To be announced - reach out for more info:

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