Product Owner 360˚

This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of Product Owners in Agile organizations or organizations transforming to Agile methodologies – providing hands-on learning, covering the full perspective of product ownership, to immediately put into use. As a Product Owner in a Scrum or Agile team, your role is to optimize business value by:

  • Creating and communicating the product vision and strategy
  • Maintaining and sharing the backlog
  • Guiding the team

In order to do that, you need to understand classic Scrum Product Owner areas such as user stories, release planning, demos, etc. You need to understand the importance of facilitated workshops, involving and engaging teams and stakeholders to create ownership. And, you need to be able to not just communicate the vision, strategy, and backlog, but create a deep understanding of each to increase the team’s motivation and ability to self-organize around business value creation.

Product Owner 360° Course Overview

The Product Owner 360° course has been developed to meet the needs of product owners (or those handling typical PO responsibilities) providing advanced learning about Agile product ownership, defining benefits and delivering real value, facilitation, requirements management, backlog refinement, stakeholder management and leadership skills.

The course is a mix of lecture and practical hands-on exercises to illustrate the principles being explored.

Agile product owners understand the importance of setting and communicating the strategy and clear goals, creating an environment in which people want to work and not have to work – and know exactly what to deliver – based on maximizing value.

Participants and format

The course is targeted to people who will have or already have the product owner role. Team leads, analysts, user experience specialists, and project managers will also benefit from this course – especially since they have a special interest in creating business value.

The course is in a workshop format that varies between presenting theory and hands-on activities.
As applying theory is the best way to learn, participants will play a very active role in the course.

The course will cover:

 Day 1 (9:00 – 16:30): The overview

  • Features vs. benefits
  • Optimizing value
  • Agile, Scrum and classic, Agile product ownership
  • Facilitative leadership – involving and engaging people to create ownership

Day 2 (9:00 – 16:30):  Digging down

  • Requirements management
  • Establishing the backlog
  • User story mapping
  • Master planning and prioritization
  • Backlog refinement
  • Product Owners and sprints

Day 3 (9:00 – 16:00):  Bringing it into play

  • Business advisor network
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Leadership and collaboration
  • Team performance and motivation
  • The Agile mindset


Some prior basic knowledge about Scrum and Agile is beneficial, but not a must.

Course Details
Duration: 3 days
Price: 16.500 excl. VAT
Location: Copenhagen
To be announced - reach out for more info:

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