Align using Scaled planning

Align your strategic objectives to roadmaps, 90-day plans, and team plans while creating common understanding and ownership

Yes, you can have a long-term plan in Agile

As Agile ways of working become more and more mainstream, there is a misperception that we should not plan more than a few months ahead. This is a mistake – it goes against our brain’s need for certainty. Executive leadership needs to have an overview of a long-term strategic plan, teams at every level need to have an overview of where they are going together and why because what we make now affects what we might make later.

Plans and certainty go hand in hand

We need plans at each level to keep us focused. Ironically, we know that our old long-term plans where we figure everything out upfront are not likely to hold. So what do we do? Have plans that reflect the long-term, near-term and immediate-term with just enough detail to give clarity and direction at each level. We learn as we go, and then we change the plans to match real life involving the people who do the work in planning the work.

Tie strategy to actions

We start with strategic objectives and slice them down to make a longer-term plan which provides direction – one that is long in time and thin in details. From that prioritized Long & Thin plan, we break the prioritized items down into a Short & Fat 90-day plan for action, and then into team plans that fit the sprint for results. We revisit and reprioritize the plans often. In this way, plans at every level are dynamic and drive common understanding, overview and ownership.


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