Turn programs around

Enhance your organization’s ability to remove risk and increase business opportunities

Critical programs that support the business sometimes go off track

After the first program delivery, the honeymoon period is over, and the original goals start to become blurry. Silos emerge with serious consequences: multiple backlogs that aren’t aligned, deliveries are delayed, risk increases, and people no longer feel responsibility for the program’s overall success. Agile governance and ways of working decline and old waterfall habits sneak in due to the need to “get back in control.”

Quick tips on how to get your program under control

The need for control is natural and thinking that waterfall provides control is an illusion. Instead, we get critical programs under control together. We bring key people across program areas together to make a new plan for going forward, based on where we are – and what we know – now. By detaching from the past, we create renewed common understanding and ownership for what needs to be done. And, we re-implement Agile governance to provide the structure for control. The outcome: value delivered, risk minimized, and future business opportunities enhanced.

Bring people together

We start by listening and learning to gain understanding. Then, we bring key people together to get insights, remove impediments, and re-plan the potential program releases using Agile means to govern. By involving and engaging people across program areas as well as customers, we create a common understanding, a common plan, common overview and common ownership.


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